The curve hunter

The next curve is always the greatest

Do you have the hang of it? The gas in particular? Is your pulse visibly connected to the speedometer? Then this could be your bike. Go ahead and hit the road on this bike with its extra high seat providing an especially sporty sitting position and its engine spoiler and milled parts. Use the Pro riding modes, the Gear Shift Assist Pro, and the electronic Dynamic ESA suspension to get the most out of your drive and suspension. And thanks to the adaptive cornering light, you are well equipped for the next curve. Because the next one is definitely coming, just like the next one, and the next one ...    

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Dynamic ESA

Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) automatically adjusts the damping action of the suspension strut based on the driving conditions. Select different shock absorber settings while you ride, and set the spring preload with the push of a button when stationary.

Extra high seat

The extra high seat has a seat height of 865 mm, 50 mm higher compared to standard seats. Even tall riders can enjoy a pleasant knee angle and thus both a relaxed and comfortable sitting position.    

Pro riding modes

The Pro riding modes lets you adapt your bike even more precisely to different riding situations and applications. In addition to the throttle response, the control behaviour of ABS Pro and DTC as well as the settings for additional systems and features such as Dynamic ESA, cruise control, and TPC are adjusted in the ROAD, RAIN, and DYNAMIC modes. 

Pro shift assistant

The Pro shift assistant enables the ride to upshift and downshift without operating the clutch and gas in almost all load and engine speed ranges. The assistant provides noticeably smaller shift times and frees the rider's clutch hand to increase comfort and dynamism. 

Headlight Pro

With Headlight Pro, the headlight has an iconic lighting element that functions as a position and daytime running light. In connection with the adaptive cornering light, this improves the rider’s ability to see and be seen, making rides safer.

Sporty design elements

Further refine your F 900 R with our design milled parts, such as the hand lever, footrests, and shaped mirror, as well as additional equipment like the engine spoiler and passenger seat cover.

The big city hunter

The city never sleeps

See and be seen: Take a quick break at your favourite café in the city and then show rush hour exactly how powerful your bike is. Keyless Ride, TPC, heated grips, or a top case make living in the urban jungle less complicated. This allows you to focus entirely on the beautiful side of the city.

If you are already thinking about your next green light, you can't go wrong hitting the gas with this bike. 

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Intelligent emergency call

The intelligent emergency call automatically contacts the BMW call centre in the event of an accident in order to activate the rescue chain as quickly as possible. The vehicle position is transmitted and, if possible, an initial conversation with the person concerned is established. The system can also be triggered manually for instance to help other road users.    

Tyre pressure control, TPC

The tyre pressure control (TPC) provides information about the current tyre pressure and informs the rider of potential dangers early on in case of pressure loss. The values can be called up via the cockpit display. A yellow tail lamp and a red warning light automatically indicate a relevant deviation from the setpoints while riding. 

Keyless Ride

With Keyless Ride, from now on the key stays in your pocket. Because the keyless system is extremely convenient and lets the rider start their machine simply with the press of a button. The steering lock and fuel cap can also be unlocked this way. So the motto is: simply climb aboard and ride off! 

Heated grips

Cold hands are a thing of the past: The electrically-heated grips provide multi-level control. They increase the comfort and bring more security, because with warm hands and more feeling in the fingers, the vehicle control is simply better. The grip heating is conveniently operated via a multifunction switch on the handlebars. 

Hand lever guards

The hand lever guard makes a clear statement in terms of uncompromising sportiness. The curved bracket made of aluminium and plastic protects the brake lever on the handlebar from being inadvertently activated when touched by another vehicle and the vehicle from being damaged in an accident.    

Luggage rack with top case, 30 l

Store a top case or other luggage pieces easily and securely on the stable luggage rack made of powder-coated die-cast aluminium. Because the luggage rack is secured to the motorcycle and protected from vibration, you will notice how much better your bike rides at high speeds with a top case attached.    

The kilometre hunter

A few more kilometres

Just get out there. Get on your bike and grind out the kilometres from behind your windshield. The world out there is full of moments to be discovered. Whatever you need for the weekend can be stored directly on the machine. Even without that, with this bike you are perfectly equipped for your short trip with the luxury seat, navigation assembly, and centre stand. The right configuration is always there #NeverStopChallenging    

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Centre stand

The stable centre stand ensures that your motorcycle will stand securely, even on an incline, and provides additional benefits when carrying out servicing and maintenance work or when attaching bags and top cases. Jacking up your bike also unburdens your tyres and suspension elements when parked for longer periods of time. A vehicle parked upright also needs less space. 

Case holder and soft bag

Soft bags can be attached easily and securely to the visually appealing case holder. If cases are not attached, the discreet holder is hardly noticeable.

Comfort seat

The luxury seat, thanks to additional upholstery, offers a noticeable increase in seating comfort and thus even more carefree kilometres for tall riders in particular. The seat is higher than the standard seat. This makes even long day trips relaxed and effortless.    

High windscreen (tall)

The scratch-resistant, coated windshield is taller and wider than the standard windshield and therefore provides noticeably better wind and weather protection as well as more overall touring comfort. When going fast on a highway ride, the high windshield protects the upper body and makes every kilometre more relaxed and effortless. 

Navigation assembly

The navigation assembly with holder and mount cradle on the handlebar clamp serves to secure the BMW Navigator in the rider's field of vision. The navigation system and connectivity functions are easy to operate via the multi-controller on the handlebar.    

Cruise control

The electronic cruise control can be activated beyond 30 km/h and keeps the riding speed constant. This makes it possible to enjoy relaxed long motorway stretches in particular. The function is deactivated by braking, and the selected speed is resumed after pressing the resume button. 

Original BMW Motorrad accessories

Make your F 900 R unmistakable. Here you can find everything you need to make a F 900 R truly your own. 

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Download Accessories Catalogue

Original BMW Motorrad Accessories Catalogue 2020
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