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The BMW M 1000 XR

Born to lead

This is it: the lightest and most powerful production crossover bike in the world. Nothing less. An M bike through and through. Trimmed down for maximum performance – in this case, long-distance performance. That's why it's called the M XR. Or, as we like to call it: MaXimizeR. Because this bike maximises everything: your riding experience, your endurance and, whenever you want, your adrenaline. Alternatively, you can confidently relax while travelling great distances. After all, you know you can leave everyone behind on a whim. #NeverStopChallenging.

A maximum of equipment

The perfect start: the M start-up animation
TFT display with M start-up animation of the M 1000 XR from BMW Motorrad
Carbon parts: lighter = more power
The carbon parts of the M Competition package of the M 1000 XR from BMW Motorrad
Designed for performance right down to the rear
The slim rear and milled parts of the M 1000 XR from BMW Motorrad
Powerful and direct: the engine
The ShiftCam engine of the M 1000 XR from BMW Motorrad
Getting performance under control: the M brake
The M brake of the M 1000 XR from BMW Motorrad
Controlled force: with M winglets
The M winglets of the M 1000 XR from BMW Motorrad
Fast forward: the ultra-sporty front
The sporty front of the M 1000 XR from BMW Motorrad
An upgrade for the handling: M Carbon wheels
The optional M Carbon wheels of the M 1000 XR from BMW Motorrad

Born on the Racetrack

You sense it immediately. The M XR bears that M DNA. It embodies everything that the most powerful letter in the world stands for: leadership, supremacy and playful, effortless dominance. The letter "M" promises top-notch machining with outstanding materials and equipment. Riding an M bike requires excellent riding skills. M combines the fascination of motorsport with a lifestyle in the fast lane. The third M model completes our four-cylinder range.

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Maximum exclusivity

Maximum exclusivity

Not only visually an M. The M XR is comprehensively equipped with M parts. Right from the start with a glance at the display, the M start-up animation brings you into the M sports world. While the M Sport seat allows you to ride without fatigue, the M winglets provide increased contact pressure on the road through aerodynamic downforce. And the M brake also makes performance precisely controllable.

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kW (201 hp) at 14,600 rpm
km/h maximum speed
kg DIN kerb weight (fully fuelled, road-ready)
seconds to accelerate from 0 to 200 km/h
Water/oil-cooled four-cylinder in-line engine with BMW ShiftCam

M + XR = long-distance performance

M + XR = long-distance performance

The equation for an incomparable riding experience of M-like performance and XR-like long-distance capability. You won't want to get off the bike thanks to its sublime ergonomics or the Pro and RACE riding modes. It's all there, and not just in terms of equipment. The M XR is highly versatile with its sport, touring and pillion suitability. Its weight can be minimised even further with the optional M Competition package, so that you are on the road with maximum dynamism.

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This bike combines everything I want off the racetrack: performance so incredible that you won’t want to get off.


Peter Hickman

British motorcycle racer

The Sound of M

Brute force in your hands

Brute force in your hands

Climb on and you are constantly reminded: the M XR can move you at over 275 km/h. From 0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds; to 200 in 7.4. This is made possible by the BMW ShiftCam four-cylinder engine of the RR, adapted for the XR, with 201 hp (147 kW) at a maximum speed of 14,600 rpm. In conjunction with the sports gearbox with shorter ratios in 4th, 5th and 6th gear, as well as a shorter secondary ratio, the M XR is perfected for performance-oriented long-distance journeys. This helps you take the lead whenever you feel like it.

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The aura of a champion

Unmistakable M

Performance has three colours: light blue, dark blue and red. The characteristic M colour scheme gives the M XR its unmistakeable look. In the rare moments it is at a standstill, you can see the love of motorsport – not only in the colours, but in many details.

Light white/M Motorsport

The standard bike in the colour Light white solid paint with M Tapes focuses on stark contrasts. The M XR is also recognisable as an M bike by the standard M brake in blue.

Blackstorm metallic/M Motorsport

With the optional M Competition package, it comes in a more powerful Blackstorm metallic colour with M tapes – an impression that the M carbon wheels enhances further.

The measure of all things

The measure of all things

Perfection is the sum of all details. No millimetre has been left to chance. With elaborate M paintwork and exclusive parts, like the milled M clutch lever and M brake lever, the design sets sporty standards. The shorter, tinted sports windscreen also demonstrates that this bike originates from the M Motorsport mould.

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Leadership par excellence

Ready? Take a seat, start the engine and dive into the M world. Behind you is the slim, performance-oriented rear with short number plate carrier. It's from this point you leave everything behind. You lead. You hear the incomparable sound that comes from the steep Akrapovič slip-on rear silencer. Your passenger also has the full M experience thanks to the passenger seat contour, slim grab handles and rear footrest bracket.

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There's more to come

You love a challenge: the optionally available M Competition package is made for you. The M Carbon wheels and numerous M Carbon parts included in the package not only give the bike an ultra-sporty look, they reduce the weight to just 220 kg, thus maximising dynamics and handling. With the M GPS-Laptrigger, you can focus on your fastest times.

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Customise your M bike

Got your own ideas? Here you can make them reality. Got higher ambitions? Here you can test yourself. Regardless whether you prefer the race track or cross-country: in the optional equipment and genuine BMW Motorrad accessories, you will find everything you need to turn your M XR into your dream bike.

To individualisation

Ready for more challenges?