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Back to the future with Cherry's Highway Fighter.

Of all things, the BMW R 7 from 1934 was used by customizer Kaichiroh Kurosu as inspiration for a futuristic bike called Highway Fighter. R nineT with the futuristic look, made by Cherry's Company. 

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Back and forth to the 30s

It is the merging of a century in a visualised vision. With his Highway Fighter, Kaichiroh Kurosu made his idea of a bike from the near future into a reality. As the 1934 BMW R 7 was used as inspiration, there are almost one hundred years between model and bike. What fascinated Kaichiroh about the classic was the innate BMW DNA, which he really wanted to be expressed on this his first BMW modification. Even if the extremely busy customiser, who has been running the Cherry’s Company shop in Tokyo since the turn of the century, is among the best in the industry, he left nothing to chance for the conversion of the R nineT. Kaichiroh is well-known for his absolute perfection, which nevertheless leaves room for curves and edges – there's no doubt about this. 

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Highway Fighter – this means tearing down the highway and disappearing off into the distance. ’

Kaichiroh Kurosu

Cherry’s Company

For a long time, Kaichiroh searched for the right outline for the Highway Fighter. With a piece of wire, he gradually produced the final shape. "I need to be able to picture the finished product before I start working on it," he explains. The central element was the design vocabulary, in the form of a handmade aluminium body that connects all components together harmoniously. Despite all the harmonious elements, Kaichiroh wanted a sporty, aggressive look. A racer from the future, coupled with the past. As well as the full trim and the original front suspension of the S 1000 RR, the LED front light also adds to the racing feeling. It shines through the windscreen. If it is switched off, it disappears behind the deep black trim panel, whereby the bike visually becomes a thoroughbred racing machine. Get up and go! 

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The Bike in detail


Standard frame with modified rear section 


Custom tank. Handcrafted aluminium full enclosure. LED front light hidden behind the windscreen, which becomes invisible when being switched off and adds to the look of a full racing trim panel

Front suspension

Front suspension of the S 1000 RR, Custom chrome wheel from RevTech.,Metzeler ME880 Marahton, 130/70-18    

Rear suspension

Custom chrome wheel from RevTech, Metzeler ME880 Marahton 200/60-16    


Custom exhaust with short connection pipe


Frame: Nljusseikiya, Body: Nomad Concept, Glowing and anodized black with white pinstripe elements    

Highway Fighter with striking wind shield
Highway Fighter with single seat
Highway Fighter back view
Highway Fighter with focus on the tank
Highway Fighter with view on back wheel
Highway Fighter with view on rear
Highway Fighter with cockpit view
Highway Fighter

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