BMW Motorrad Track Day

Passion, Dynamism and Adrenaline
27 Mar 2024
Hampton Downs, New Zealand

Join us on the track

Join us on the track

The BMW Motorrad Track Day is your opportunity to take your bike to the track to ride at your own pace in a safe and controlled environment!

This is not race or practice day, this is purely an experience day. With graded groups and plenty of safety measures including ambassadors who coach and ride with the groups, it is a great way to get your bike out on the circuit in a safe and controlled environmen

Everyone plays a part in ensuring the days are enjoyed and are as safe as possible for everyone. Please ensure you have read through our Motorrad Track Day Policy as these are the rules and procedures you are bound by when you enter.

Riders will be split into four groups, taking into account the different abilities of the riders. This grouping will be made once you have entered and will be communicated to you on the day by Ride Academy who will be looking after all the track activity!


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